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Become the Best-Dressed Guy This Winter

Winter is love for so many reasons. During the wither season, you can embark on a foodie journey, you can enjoy the sun, the chill in the air, a cup of coffee which puts aside all your worries. The days could be made into a perfect one with all or one of these too. Another idea to make winters amazing is to be the best-dressed person. The chill season calls for layering, warm & cosy accessories to get the perfect look out their. From the office to casual evenings, and parties there is an excitement to dress up for different places just because you could dive into so many different outfits in a single day. Let us unwind those not so complicated looks as they might appear to be:

#1 The Cold Formal Look

If you really want to be named as the best-dressed man in the company then firstly get serious with the formal suits you wear. The summer suits for winters are kind of put off. They don’t carry the character and also the warmth which is required during the season. To be elegant and stylish, suits should be worn which are made of woolen or tweed. They are thick as well as fits better than any other textile. Secondly, use more neutral colors like grey, charcoal, blue, brown and black. They help you keep it serious and adds a layer to the personality. It appears to be a gentleman look. Thirdly, have the suit custom-stitched or buy a fitting suit. Fourthly, never move without a scarf which belongs to a similar family of colors. Just the scarf would give you an appearance which generally others aspire for. Wrap around the neck and tuck it inside the blazer for a neat and clean look.

#2 Overcoats are never overdone

Overcoats can never make you bored with its looks. They will repeatedly be offered to you in similar colors but you will still keep falling in love with them. Overcoats like the Pea Coats are never out of fashion. They are quite a versatile lot which could be worn for a corporate look or go down well with the casual weekend looks. They come in different lengths so prefer depending what suits you. Though a little over-knee should be preferred by everyone. Either wear them with tweed suit or just a semi-casual combination of a blue denim shirt and black jeans. You can also go for a Navy Pea coat which has got oversize collars to give a bossy attitude.             

#3 For the love of Black

All black look does not harm. Winters are the best time to go in a dark mode and enjoy the essence of it. From the woolen cap to the turtle neck sweater, wrapping a muffler in the shade of charcoal and packing it up with a straight fit formal black pant. In such a look, you will feel coming straight out of a 1960’s old Hollywood movie. Well, socks’ purpose in life has got redefined with the varieties of them available for men. Try some swanky socks to break the look just where it is needed. Ankle-length pants with hemming give you leverage to play with the socks.

#4 The Fabric by the winter

It is important to choose what type of fabric you are wearing during the season. If the match of fabric and the season is not up to the mark then irrespective of your effort it won’t be fashionable enough. For example, you can easily select the fabrics from wool, linen, silk, leather, tweed, thick cotton. Do not fall for man-made fabrics as the clothes made from them might lose the vision in between. For shoes, go for suede which is perfect for formal or semi-formal settings.

#5 Lost in Leather

Leather is the perfect choice when heating the roads in winters. They keep you warm and protects you from the wind. Most importantly sends out a strong message to others about your personality. It can be worn in multiple ways like temperature drops- rug up in a hoodie or roll neck jumper, or keep it casual with at-shirt underneath. Black or brown, it's an all-time favorite and classy look that’s for everyone.

As you read here, they are almost like must-haves in this chilly weather but it all depends on how you crack the code of being the best-dressed man of your pack. Do not forget about the importance of accessories in making look different from others like- earmuffs, gloves, hats but just keep the coordination of colors in check. You can also buy matching sets of hats, gloves, and mufflers that bring together a winter ensemble in the best way. While it easy also but just needs some patience and time to put things in order. These five looks would make your days easier to welcome the New Year with Mufti in style.


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