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How to Dress Well: 20 Must-Follow Rules for Men

There could be numerous suggestions floating around you to develop the fashion sense. There would be several inspirations too to be found online. Or there could be a set of closest friends to seek advice on upgrading your style. But, are these helping you? Or have you been able to see the changed or learn the fashion rules by now? Fashion rules are something which can be unique to each individual, therefore, might not work on everyone. What you would require is to take inspiration and customize it to suit your personality. Here are some 20 rules to dress to look sharp always!

#1 Good-Looking clothes cannot do the magic alone

If only clothes could have done the job to make you look amazing then it would have been easier for everyone. But, that’s not the reality. In fact, its everything put together which makes the fashion rules a complete set. Hence, it takes improved personality, suave conversations, hair and make-up, accessories to create the look which can define you in a certain way.

#2 Unlearn to learn

Yes, if you have been struggling for the lifetime in dressing well then you really need to unlearn what you have been following till now. It is the time when you have to let go of inner apprehensions to experiments as well as the regular ways of wearing clothes & accessories. You would be required to make meaning out the stylish look. Dressing well should always come across pleasant to the eye. Therefore, it requires the balancing of clothes along with other accessories – shoes, belt, caps, bags, socks, watches and more.

#3 Revisit your wardrobe

The basic is to start revisiting your wardrobe. The dressing well has to have a basic foundation of cleaning up the closet from unwanted clothes or something which you have been wearing for so long. Wearing similar clothes makes you end up in me-too looks almost every day. There is no change in the avatars and thus, you find no freshness in your appearances. Go for new trending men T-shirts like Mufti’s floral prints or self-designed T-shirts. You can walk out in smart joggers’ pants which are comfortable as well as make you look ready to take on a casual day.

#4 First thing First- Fitting

Fitting is one of the most important rules of Fashion. You need to know your body in and out so that when you are buying clothes, you are aware of the sizes which should make you look good. Now, different types of clothes would have varied sizes, hence you need to know that too. For example, if you buying a formal shirt and you belong lean body then go for a slim fit which makes you look dapper with straight pants. Add a hint of color in the socks to lighten up the mood too.

#5 Basic Fashion Strongest

To start with, you need to build your basic wear appealing. Most of you think a jean and a t-shirt could never go wrong but well, the truth is different. Even a white V-neck T-shirt and denim could go wrong on an important day. Ask why? Either the fitting is not good or V-neck is not a style which can accentuate your physique. If too thin then pick up a jogger pant or wide-legged jeans along with a casual Polo neck T-shirt

#6 Simplicity is the Key

Find out your fashion concept because not all of us can manage to make the complicated look good on us. Therefore, keeping the style simple can find the right spot. Believe in yourself on how to carry the simplest of clothes and that will do the magic!

#7 Style according to the season

Well, India has got different weathers which gives you ample reasons to dress differently. For example, pick up Light Cotton or Linen shirts during summers, switch to short shorts in the rainy season, sweatshirts when winter is setting in. The wardrobe demands to be changed as the season changes.

#8 Layering is the new Fashion Code

Layering is the new fashion theme which can be carried by most of the men. When winter is in, layer up with shrugs and sweaters or three-piece suede suits for a formal gathering. Remember to match your shoes and headgear.

#9 Dress up like no one’s business

When you are dressing up then you should not be bothered how others would react to it. The confidence should come from within and not how friends are going to react to it.

#10 Get Experimenting

It is important to experiment at times to know what suits you. For example, most of you feel that a suit might not look good on you but trying a different type of suits can help you in cracking your style. In fact, tucked in men's t-shirts are a passe whereas it might make you look rather smart always.

#11 Do not forget Colors

It is important to get your hands on to different colors like Olive, Oranges, Pinks, Violets, Fuchsia, Yellow and more. Most of the times men keep revolving between blues and whites especially when it comes to formals but there is a world of color lies beyond it. Go out and explore!

#12 Get in shape

This is the core of everything. If you maintain your body then most of the attires would work on you otherwise it would make the job difficult for you. And also, it is good to be fit for the mind and body. Leading a healthy life has its numerous benefits and looking good is one of them.

#13 Accessorizing is an art

It can add on to overall look, therefore, becomes important to know what looks good on you. There are some like watches, ties and belts are an intricate part of the style whereas some like caps, suspenders or shades can vary from person to person. For example, suspenders are a unique way of styling formals but cannot be carried by everyone.

#14 Always take the feedback

Healthy criticism should always be welcomed. Be open to the feedback of your friends and dear ones. They always help to become better by choosing better. Never ever hesitate in reaching out to them for advice or two.  

#15 It’s a Gradual Process

If you think you would learn all the rules of fashion overnight then you are completely wrong. It’s a phase where you make some right and wrong decisions to keep learning over a while. Have the patience to transform yourself.

#16 Know your Brands

So, there would always be a couple of brands which would become favorite over a few years as they seem to understand your needs and know you well. For example, Mufti men’s brand knows it all about men’s fashion requirement, therefore, it keeps launching innovative ranges to impress you.

#17 Grooming is Essential

You must start following a grooming regime to take your fashion game a few notches above. Grooming includes how you speak, regular beauty regime, exercising, eating habits and spending time to understand yourself.

#18 Maintain the Wardrobe

Most of the men are known to be shabby with their closet keeping which can be hazardous to the sense of styling. If you do not have a clean and crisp wardrobe then you are losing the game even before you started. It is crucial to keep it clean, clothes are ironed and stacked in a manner so that mix and match doesn’t much time every day.

#19 Self Analysis is important

Every day when you are ready to go out then make sure you have got some time in hand to look at yourself in the mirror. Most of the times in haste people do not look at themselves at all, therefore, leading to blundered fashion which turns into a habit too.

#20 Walk-in Confidence

Never leave the confidence out of yourself no matter how amazing attire you are wearing. The point you leave your dignity you fall apart. There should be a great match between the external and internal appearance for the best result.

This guide tells you how to develop yourself to be a well-dress man with intricacies which is beyond clothing only. Enjoy the new looks and explore the world within you with Mufti branded clothes for men!


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