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Become the Best-Dressed Guy This Winter

Winter is love for so many reasons. During the wither season, you can embark on a foodie journey, you can enjoy the sun, the chill in the air, a cup of coffee which puts aside all your worries. The days could be made into a perfect one with all or one of these too. Another idea to make winters amazing is to be the best-dressed person. The chill season calls for layering, warm & cosy accessories to get the perfect look out their. From the office to casual evenings, and parties there is an excitement to dress up for different places just because you could dive into so many different outfits in a single day. Let us unwind those not so complicated looks as they might appear to be: #1 The Cold Formal Look If you really want to be named as the best-dressed man in the company then firstly get serious with the formal suits you wear. The summer suits for winters are kind of put off. They don’t carry the character and also the warmth which is required during the season. To be el

How to Dress Well: 20 Must-Follow Rules for Men

There could be numerous suggestions floating around you to develop the fashion sense. There would be several inspirations too to be found online. Or there could be a set of closest friends to seek advice on upgrading your style. But, are these helping you? Or have you been able to see the changed or learn the fashion rules by now? Fashion rules are something which can be unique to each individual, therefore, might not work on everyone. What you would require is to take inspiration and customize it to suit your personality. Here are some 20 rules to dress to look sharp always! #1 Good-Looking clothes cannot do the magic alone If only clothes could have done the job to make you look amazing then it would have been easier for everyone. But, that’s not the reality. In fact, its everything put together which makes the fashion rules a complete set. Hence, it takes improved personality, suave conversations, hair and make-up, accessories to create the look which can define you in

How to Know What Color Works – Men T-shirt

Most of the men might want to look stylish but they don’t want to put in the effort. Therefore, the basic styling goes for a toss. Most of you just need to know the basics of the styling of yourself. The basic involves like knowing your body type, seasonal fabrics, colors, type of T-shirts or the necklines. One of the most basic is the color of the men t-shirt . While it is also understandable that how to choose the right color when there are so many shades and they only keep increasing. The color selection can be overwhelming at times. But don’t get hassled! Here is a small guide to let you what color would twinkle your personality. Did your eye twinkle? Yes, it might sound weird but that’s a truth when you want to buy a color which suits you. On wearing any color, look closer to your eyes in the mirror and see if they are shining or not. If they are then going for those colors make sense. Eyes are a good reflection of the colors which suit you. When you are purchasing branded t

Are your jeans being made by a Responsible Brand?

Fast-moving consumer goods are no more restricted to household daily products, edible items. The consumer has become so much dependent on the new set of clothing that the purchases are happening at the rate of FMCG products. Every month or say every weekend, the millennials are out for shopping. Shopping is not a mere requirement but a stress buster too. A time to enjoy with family but at the cost of too many things. The purchasing power of Indian households have surely gone up but it has also led to miscellaneous usage of money. The consumer market is filled with an abundance of choices. Think about the yesteryear when having a pair of men's jeans used to be enough but now everyone owns different types of pairs for different occasions. There is hardly any awareness about how such products are made and how it impacts the environment, the upcoming generation. It is not a part of sustainable growth for sure. The market would be growing manifolds giving job opportunities to mu

Trendy Denim Collection for Men - Mufti Jeans

One can never get bored of Denim. Denim is never enough. Denim is pure love in all forms. It will never discriminate against your size, shape, colour . It will always end up giving you the best of the looks and most importantly, confidence. Men’s fashion has always found lack options when it comes to fashionable clothing. They have had lesser choices than they could have needed. But no more suffering and struggling for men of the world. You should rejoice with the options now with brands like Mufti. Mufti Jeans launched in 1998 with a vision to lead the fashion of millennials with a twist of making denim core of fashion. Mufti is redefining men’s fashion since its inception. In fact, Mr Kamal Khushlani’s Mufti Fashion has also been leading the men from Bollywood. Mufti pioneered the art of stretchable jeans which was later adopted by the world. Let’s check out what all trends have been packed by Mufti for men: Denim Shirts Its summers, rainy or winter season, you can always