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Are your jeans being made by a Responsible Brand?

Fast-moving consumer goods are no more restricted to household daily products, edible items. The consumer has become so much dependent on the new set of clothing that the purchases are happening at the rate of FMCG products. Every month or say every weekend, the millennials are out for shopping. Shopping is not a mere requirement but a stress buster too. A time to enjoy with family but at the cost of too many things. The purchasing power of Indian households have surely gone up but it has also led to miscellaneous usage of money. The consumer market is filled with an abundance of choices. Think about the yesteryear when having a pair of men's jeans used to be enough but now everyone owns different types of pairs for different occasions. There is hardly any awareness about how such products are made and how it impacts the environment, the upcoming generation. It is not a part of sustainable growth for sure. The market would be growing manifolds giving job opportunities to multiple hands but it doesn’t ensure a healthy living.

Let’s see how a pair of jeans come alive

Do not be surprised when you get to know how is your favourite jeans is coming alive. Yes, the one which is lying in your cupboard goes through multiple processes to look like what it looks like. For example, the most famous and in-style pair of jeans ‘distressed’ is subjected to several chemical-intensive washes. The chemicals which are found in the wastewater after they washed are cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead and copper. It is devastating for the aqua life cycle. They are being consumed by fishes which end up being consumed by men. Many of the Asian rivers are being jammed with wastage of textile industry too.

Yes, you read it right. On one hand, we are running of out of drinking water in various cities and on other, some 3800 litres of precious water is being consumed to manufacture one pair of jeans. Jeans is known to consume a lot of water in its process while releasing a lot of toxins in the environment. Most of the substances are hazardous to health. The dyes used by several companies cannot be easily degraded or decomposed. The health issues can be like cancer, gastric, skin sensitisation, endocrine disruption or even reproductive problems. 

While there are brands which are trying to improve the situation becoming socially responsible. Dr Simi Sugathan, founder of Safety Monitor Research Foundation also made the industry aware of that “Fading fabric by laser is far more environmental-friendly as compared to acid washing or sandblasting, while Ozone Treatment uses the natural bleaching capability of ozone to its advantage.” Few of the brands consciously launched jeans which have been made with minimal usage or almost no toxic chemicals. For example, in 2011 Levi’s launched their Water Less process through which they removed the usage of water in stonewashed and combined multiple wet cycle processes, ending up using 96% less of water than they did earlier. Also, H&M was felicitated by an organisation named Foundation’s Global Change Award. The brand came up with a solution Denim-

Dyed Demin where the residual dye from one old pair of jeans will dye 10 new jeans using no water at all. Therefore, helping to save much water. Though such researches are yet to be available for commercial usage it seems organisation are aware and are moving in the right direction.

After reading this, you are more aware than ever. Therefore, next time when you are out to buy men branded jeans remember how it is harmfully impacting the lives of humans and choose the brands which are making ethical jeans. Not just Jeans! 


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