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How to know what color works – Men T-shirt

Confidence while wearing a dress is what makes it look beautiful and stunning on you. This confidence can be boosted when you wear hues that work well with your complexion. Finding the perfect hue that goes with your skin tone is often easier said than done. Let’s push colors aside and think about the t-shirt, the versatile and simple piece of clothing that is the bread and butter of men’s wardrobe. It is the go-to for every man on almost any day. Now blend your best men’s t-shirt and the color that complements your skin tone, do you see something that is going to make you look like a model on the front cover?

The importance of skin complexion in styling

With a kaleidoscopic spectrum of shades on display, it is no mean feat finding the wheat from the chaff. Some might disagree that it is not rocket science and doesn’t make much of a difference in styling. But this is not true, knowing the fundamental rules of tones that complement your skin will help you shave sometime while shopping and boost your confidence while purchasing t-shirts online. Not only that each color dictates a character and quality. For example, white signals cleanliness and has an authoritative feel to it. If you understand this you use it to your advantage. While purchasing a favorite t-shirt not only does your skin tone matter but also your eye color, hair, and more matters. But let us focus on the skin tone.

Skin tone

To choose the color that should be the center of attraction in your wardrobe should be based on your skin tone whether it may be pale, medium/olive, or dark. The thumb of rule is to go for contrasting colors. Once you have determined your complexion then let us start.

Fair or pale skin

Are you on the constant lookout for somewhere to shade you from the scorching summer sun on exposure to the sunrays do you get more freckles? Then the chances are that you are the proud owner of a milky pallor.

Colors that compliment: if you have pale skin and light features, then the hues that contrast with your skin tone will add some color to your complexion. Go for some dark-colored t-shirts with a mix of lighter colors. Go for colors like grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, and bold shades of blue. Avoid light colors like white, beige, pastels, and yellow as these colors may look washed out on you. You can try richer shades like sand, camel, khaki, and slate grey. This doesn’t mean that you can’t express with colors. It just means that mix light color t-shirt for men with dark hues.

Olive or medium skin

If you have a skin that tends to get tanned rather than toasted in the sun then you have got the arm complexion that suits a much wider spectrum of colors than those with fair complexion.

The wonder colors: people with such a t-shirt can wear t-shirts of almost any color. But if you want to make sure that you want to stand out then opt for shades that are either brighter or darker than the middle ground. What does this mean exactly? For instance, don’t go for pale beige instead, choose warm sand in case of neutrals. A great suggestion is to keep your color palette light in which white is an obvious choice to underline your skin tone. Avoid yellow and green undertones as it might be similar to your skin tone.

Darker skin

Like that of people with warmer skin tone, those with darker skin tone have won the genetic lottery as they can try pretty much any hue without the feeling of apprehension.

The world is yours in colors: the world is your oyster. Your skin tone is positioned to sing with the vast majority of hues and shades as it doesn’t have the risk of being washed out like that of the pale skin tone. One warning is that you have to balance with the color of the t-shirt that you are wearing. Brown is something that you have to avoid. Go for contrasting colors like white and red while keeping the number of blacks and navy blues minimal in the wardrobe.

Your eye will twinkle

Now that you have an idea about the range of t-shirt colors that will fit you here is a trick to find the perfect t-shirt for you. On wearing a t-shirt look closer in the mirror and you will find that your eyes are twinkling.

Bottom line

T-shirts are mostly the only piece of clothing that one wears in a day. To be a show stealer every day and not look sloppy, spin the color wheel and try colors that work for your complexion. Even the casual formal interbreed polo t-shirts for men have to work well for you.


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